Why a Website

Good question!  Why do you need your own website when you could just have a Facebook page?  Or just sell on Amazon. There are some questions you need to ask yourself.  Some won’t apply to you, but have a think about each one before carrying on. 

Is this a vanity project or a genuine requirement?  Lots of people just think “I want a website because I deserve one”.

These sites are often abandoned because they are frankly a bit pointless.

Am I able to spend the time to set up and keep up a website?  Or do I have a team to do this?

Websites that aren’t constantly updated are not visited very often.

Will I get value for the investment?  This can be value as in sales, or credibility.

Having a website with email address can show you’re a proper business.

Am I building a brand that will last?  Do I want a web presence and my own brand, with a business email address?

Using a gmail or hotmail address says “not a real business”.

Have I worked out a budget for this, and is it part of a thought-through business plan?

This might not be very exact yet, and might be optimistic, but at least some thought has to go into this.

Are my products and procedures ready?

If someone makes and order or interacts through the website, will I be able to fulfil the order or respond appropriately?

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