The Heading

Pole flips are happening and might be coming soon. The magnetic pole has now moved 600 miles in the last century.

Resource page for coronavirus articles

See also data and controversy

Back to school advice

tips for the kids!

Risk to Children

Channel 4 fact check

Risk to Young People

Spiegelhalter interviewed on CH4
– some way into the video


Johnston’s timeline of failure

UK vs. Sweden

Per million, Sweden very similar to UK with NO LOCKDOWN

Sweden update

Why Britain’s “lockdown” is futile – Johan Giesecke

Speed trumps perfection

The need for quick action that Johnston failed to take

Get the self monitoring app that shares data and potentially lives, whether you’re healthy or unwell

Clever Testing

New York Times
five people, one test

Dr Erickson

Two part discussion by California medics. 

See also Part 2

Saliva Tests Turned Down

Government didn’t want tests from a successful American company founded by genius Brit

Government was warned

They knew care homes were vulnerable

Prof Chris Whitty

How to control a pandemic

Swedish Policy

Response to COVID 19 in Sweden

People do get immunity?

after being infected people have active antibodies

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